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Before we move to 2021, can I see some terms and conditions!!

What a crazy time 2020 has been. I'm sure we all have struggled with various events, news articles, virus protocols, daily activities and ponder what the future holds. Let's try to stay positive and retreat to our happy place -- sewing and quilting!!

I have even had sew day using Zoom with a few friends! What fun is that :)

What are you working on?

I have sewed a variety of masks and feel I need to move onto other projects.

Digging into my stash of fabric and projects, I am convinced that I will never be able to complete all the projects I have at home! But, I will certainly have fun trying.

Here is a fun project that I put on the back burner ... rugs from fabric strips! A different spin on the jelly roll rug. This one is made with an over sized crochet hook while sitting in my comfy chair. I'll post a picture of my progress.

Some other projects on the horizon ... tiny tumbler table runner, binding on finished quilts and maybe a new Christmas table topper.

I'll see ya soon!


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