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WOW! its late 2018 already ...

Well, things have certainly changed a lot in my world over the last few months and years!

I went back to working full-time, therefore, I'm not teaching as frequently. We still manage to schedule sew days, when possible. I will also do quilting classes on the weekends, if there is any interest.

Saturday morning for 3-4 hours isn't too disruptive to the weekends!

My dear friend and neighbour passed away very suddenly and I am taking this difficult. Our friendship was not a long one, but very connected by heart and thoughts. Since I can see her front porch from my kitchen window and my front porch, I expect her to be sitting out on the porch, as always. So hard to look across the street and not see her. :(

I inherited an amazing daughter in-law when my son was married Sept 2016 !! My heart was bursting with pride and happiness that day which resulted in a waterfall of joyous tears !! Wedding (or anniversary quilt) to follow !! Will be finished soon with photos to follow. Stay tuned.

New roof on house and siding on garage after terrific rain and wind storm in May 2018. Hey, mr. insurance contractor -- while you are replacing 1/2 roof, what would it cost to do the other 1/2? Let's do that.

Then, had to replace steering wheel pump in car in the same month. Urgh!!

Anyway, time to get back to quilting and my HAPPY PLACE !!

happy sewing !!

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