• Diana Fisher

Busy summer

I can't believe I haven't written anything since Dec 2015! Where has the time gone?

Spring just flew by and now summer is here and half over already!! Yikes!!

July brings the ever popular July Shop Hop to southern Ontario! Visit 14 participating shops, collect free block pattern and fabric, marvel at all the new fabrics, admire the shop hop quilt at each store and win great prizes!! I have been running the roads with the girls .... it seems non-stop! But, we are having a blast.

See the July Shop Hop website here ......

Are you collecting Row by Row patterns also? This is so much fun ..... again, free patterns!

I have to stay home soon and get some of these projects done!

Here's my latest creation for cousin's first grand-daughter!

Enjoy your summer and stay safe out there!

Stay tuned for a few new projects to peak your creativity!

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